Myka Stauffer Faces Backlash for Exploiting Son in Dreft Laundry Detergent Advertisement

Vox Media Studios’ recent docuseries, An Update on Our Family, has shed light on the controversial actions of former YouTuber Myka Stauffer. The series revisits some of Myka’s most contentious moments online, including her questionable use of her adopted son in sponsored content.

In one particularly scrutinized ad for Dreft laundry detergent, Myka referenced her son Huxley’s adoption from China and how she used the product to bond with him. However, the situation took a turn when Myka and her husband decided to seek adoption dissolution and re-home Huxley, who was later diagnosed with autism.

The docuseries features a snippet from a now-deleted video where Myka talks about using Dreft baby detergent to experience the scent of a newborn while cuddling her adopted son. Critics have accused Myka of exploiting her child for financial gain, especially considering the circumstances that followed their adoption dissolution.

Participants in the series, including adoption counselor Cameron Lee Small, have criticized Myka’s actions, stating that using a child’s adoption story to promote a product can be seen as objectifying the adoptee.

Before the controversy surrounding Huxley, Myka openly discussed her YouTube-based income and detailed how her channel became more profitable as she expanded her family. The docuseries also highlights Myka’s numerous sponsorship deals with major companies like Fabletics, Dannon Yogurt, and Fit and Fresh.

Despite facing backlash, Myka and her husband’s legal team maintain that they made the best decision for Huxley’s well-being by seeking out a new family equipped to care for his needs. While the adoption dissolution raised ethical concerns, the Stauffers maintain that they acted in the best interest of their son.