Not only Brazil is affected – such As Latin America, the new Corona-hotspot was initially viewed as a “Virus of the Rich”, infecting Sars-CoV-2 now, to the poorest Slums. The death figures are rising rapidly, but in many places a dangerous Calmness still prevails. 19 Kommentare19Immer more Dead: an employee of A Mexican crematorium stands in front of a mountain of discarded coffins, in which Covid-Dead found to be had. Photo: Fernando Llano, AP/Keystone

police officers on motorcycles and in patrol cars make their way through the crowd on the beach promenade in Copacabana. “Go home!” it echoes out of the speakers.

However, people continue to go on this Sunny Saturday just. It is – unlike in some European countries, where thousands against Corona-measures to go on the road – an unusual calm that reigns in Brazil.

to Ensure that the country has recently reported on the Newly-Infected and the Corona of the dead, each of the negative record after the other, people seem to be a little worried. They hope that the Virus will pass by. The largest, with 210 million inhabitants, the most populous country in Latin America registered Infected on Saturday 233’142 – the fourth-highest number in the world.

hospitals are under-funded, social welfare systems are weak, the economies crise

Alone in the Brazilian Federal state of São Paulo (4688) recorded – such as Mexico (more than 5000) – in the meantime, more deaths than China (4637). Weeks after Europe, the Covid-19 pandemic hits now also in Latin America with full force, but where the initial conditions are a priori more difficult: hospitals are under-funded, social welfare systems are weak, the economies of a lot of unrest.

“And the Situation will get worse with this President,” scolds porter Filomeno in a multi-family house in Copacabana, in an interview with the German press Agency (dpa). While, for example, Argentina’s strict output good results lock brought – 8068 people have been infected so far, demonstrably, 373 patients had died, the right-wing populist Jair Bolsonaro nothing of limitations, and calls to meetings.

Mexico’s left-wing populist President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the opposition also long, issued, in the meantime, Anti-Corona measures. But a mandatory quarantine, there are also in Latin America, with 130 million inhabitants, is the second’s most populous country.

“Nobody is working on common solutions.”

Marcia Castro, a public health scientist at Harvard University,

In Brazil, a country with continental dimensions, cities and the Federal States, however, adopt their own measures. Even Rio is divided into an open South zone and a North zone, in which the city has half a dozen quarters in the Lockdown was added.

As contradictory and chaotic, Brazil’s answer to Corona, showed up on Friday as Minister of health, Nelson pond, said his resignation – not even a month after Bolsonaro had fired his predecessor, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, due to inconsistencies in dealing with the Virus.

“Brazil had one of the best answers to this pandemic can have,” said the Brazilian Marcia Castro, a public health scientist at Harvard University, the New York Times. Brazil was in the case of health crises such as Aids or Zika, a pioneer of the emerging countries. “But now everything is disorganized, no one is working on common solutions.”

The policy in Brazil is more concerned with himself than with the Virus-fighting. The President has to do with the exchange of Ministers and a method against itself. In corruption investigations, the Federal police arrested in Rio, a number of politicians and businessmen who embezzled in the purchase of several million euros. Even in a pandemic, you will use the opportunity to enrich themselves unlawfully. The population gets by on my own somehow.

at the Beginning, a Virus of the Rich

Corona had been in Brazil and other Latin American countries, first of all, the Virus of the Rich. The first registered case was a business man from São Paulo, who had traveled to Northern Italy.

For Mexico, it was a stove – similar to the Austrian resort of Ischgl – the US ski resort of Vail to the infection, where a group of Mexican business had met people. Stock exchange chief Jaime Ruíz Sacristán was there, he died in April. Most of the infections in Argentina were to start with, in the wealthy suburbs registered in the North of Buenos Aires, whose residents often travel abroad.

Meanwhile, has spread the Sars-CoV-2, even in the poorer areas and Slums to be achieved. In the poor settlements in Brazil “Favelas”, in Argentina as “Villas” called – the residents are often most Needed such as water and soap, at the same time, whole families live together in one room. Keep your distance is hardly possible.

“If we don’t work here, gives us no money.”

Roberto Velázquez, Tacoverkäufer

hawkers and day labourers, cleaning women and garbage collectors, Shoe-shiners and Mariachi musicians can also make a home office. Up to 60 per cent in the Region have no employment contract, no refund and only a low level of social protection.

“If we don’t work here, there is no money,” says Roberto Velázquez, sold at a booth on the roadside in Mexico city, with a staff of two more Tacos, of the dpa. “We could not feed our families.” Currently, you would have a third of their usual income and just getting by.

The Argentine social activist and high school teacher Juan Grabois said in an Interview with the newspaper “La Nación”: “We are caught in a perfect storm: the threat of state bankruptcy, pandemic, poverty.” Argentina, the second largest economy in South America, in a severe economic crisis and is heading towards the next state is broke.

The Corona-crisis aggravated the social differences. In a study of the Catholic University, UCA, in Buenos Aires stated: “We are experiencing not only an epidemic, but also a new wave of structural poverty, which will mainly affect the most vulnerable sections of the society.”


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