In the U.s., Major League Soccer (MLS), it’s time for the play-offs. Sixteen teams will compete from 19 October to 10 november at the MLS Cup, and the title is so-so. Well, Toronto FC is one of the candidates, the team of ex-Genkspeler Alejandro Pozuelo.

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In the United States of america is going to be on the lookout for a replacement for Atlanta’s United, the club’s coach, Frank de Boer, who last season until the champion is crowned. Atlanta then won the final 2-0 to Portland for less than 73.019 audience. A new all-time record.

This season, should be United to make do with a role as the second-seeded team in the Eastern Conference and one game with New England. New York City, was the campaign too much, and it is freely available in the first round. That is, the LAFC of the topschutter (34 goals), Carlos Vela in the Western Conference. The LA Galaxy from Zlatan Ibrahimovic (5) is at Minnesota (4). Pozuelo, Toronto FC, and (4) take on Wayne Rooney, and D. C. United (5).

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Pozuelo and Rooney both looked at each other this season twice before in his eyes. Both times the match ended in a draw: 0-0 in Toronto, and a 1-to-1 in the Us capital. The Canadians will play in the play-offs at home, because they have a better goal difference we had.

The Spanish playing point guard recently received a huge boost in confidence, then the ratings for the FIFA 2020, it came out on the market. He was, in reality, it is already one of the best players in the MLS, and are now in a digital format with an a rating as well as that of the… Rooney. As a player, that he samenspeelde as part of the annual All-Star Game.

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Pozuelo has had his first season in the MLS ended up with eleven goals and seven assists in 29 appearances for Toronto FC, where he is the audience favorite and the winner, Sebastian Giovinco goes for. The former player, think it started at the end of march, with two goals and an assist against New York City FC, and then a further two goals and three assists in the tournament, though.

After that, the statistics and the results for the part of Laurent Ciman (17 appearances). With a red card in the 3-0 defeat against Salt Lake as the lowest point. However, after two goals and a 3-2 victory against the defending champion in Atlanta and went back to the good side, at Toronto FC. It has lost none of its last ten games, with Pozuelo are still accounted for three goals and two assists in the tournament. On one occasion, when the number of ten, and at other times as flankaanvaller, and sometimes even as a striker. The check valve against the Columbus Crew made the right-back for the decision with a brilliant free-kick.

the goal of the fifth birthday of his son.

Pozuelo, who, with blond hair, was his “magic touch” is not lost on the flight from Belgium to Australia. Quite to the contrary. He was picked up on a regular basis, with a tour de force.

Though did it ever go wrong, as with the penaltymisser at the top at the NY City FC, and is, therefore, a red card to the Salt Lake area.

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