Amazon vouchers for five – star As company’s good reviews, a lot of sellers ertricksen ask Amazon customers to rate your products – and the promise of a coupon or Free supplies. Is the bribery?Jürgen Schmieder Los Angeles10 Kommentare10Amazon has a Problem: The reviews of products are susceptible to Manipulation.Photo: Joseph Nair (AP Photo)

what is Below in this packet. The son wanted LED lights for the nursery. Such things many order from Amazon. The delivery is for Prime members for free. 37 dollars for a Ten-metre roll with 600 lights, changing colors, remote control costs. Most of the 1242 reviews are positive: 83 percent have five stars. Those who are not familiar too well with LED lights-roll, relying on these judgments – but then this map is there in the package.

It is a voucher for $ 20, more than half of the purchase price. The is, however, activated only when you released a Five-star rating on Amazon and a photo with the positive criticism, including order number via e-Mail to an address, sends that can be sent to and so any company associated with it.

you Should not be happy with the purchase, as it is called on, should you please, his dissatisfaction is not with Amazon, but prefer a Mail to another Outlook address It will then be somebody drum.

Positive reviews are worthwhile

Many companies send their products to people in order for the publish to unpack movies, breathtaking photos or positive reviews to write. It has developed a complete industry about Influencers earn their money. What is so bad about that for a rating, maybe even the truth, with a voucher reward? The temptation is great.

the Amazon reviews are important. Not only because they serve the often unsuspecting customers as the orientation, those in the business an expert has helped. It is intended to be judgments of like-minded people, and how bad can be a product, if more than 1000 people are obviously very satisfied with the result? More still: a Lot of positive reviews are an indication to the Amazon to miss algorithm, the product the seal of quality “Amazon’s Choice”. Amazon is Choice products are not necessarily, as the Name suggests, the Amazon hand-picked and quality-checked article. It is a question of availability, price and reviews.

A company whose product is provided with “Amazon’s Choice”, tripled in the rule to the sales figures of this product.

The Amazon-Choice Status is important for the success of a product. A study by the analysis company OC&C Strategy Consultants, from 2018, according to 85 percent of the customers buy those products, the Amazon is proposing. A company whose product is provided with “Amazon’s Choice”, tripled in the rule to the sales figures of this product, the seal is removed, a decline in sales of 30 percent. It is worthwhile for a company to collect as many positive reviews.

Amazon has plagued for years with the authenticity of the reviews: An Amazon Prime trucks in England. Photo: Matthew Childs (Reuters)

Amazon plagued for years with the authenticity of the reviews. Companies want their product off as well as possible, so there are PR companies who take care of the marketing and a positive presentation in Online sales platforms. This is, as well as abuse of competitive products, to detect a comparatively easy when there are hundreds of positive (or negative) reviews from people who have not purchased the product, quite obviously Amazon. The vouchers, however, take the Holy Grail of the star award: The customer buys a voluntary product and rating of this verified purchase, on a voluntary basis. These are the reviews want Amazon: customer to customer.

but What if the customer is the only reason why five stars, because they want to have a coupon or a Free product?

Amazon is before

there’s a product with 9693 ratings (81 percent of which with five stars), Amazon-Choice-Status, and “#1 Bestseller” in this category. Some customers have subsequently noted that they have been promised by the Sticker on the clasp free replenishment against joyful assessment. They complained not about the procedure, but rather that the supplies had not arrived, despite the Five star rating. Only in this way did not come out, that there might be something wrong.

“There are clear rules for buyers and sellers, addressing the abuse of our Community Features.”

the Amazon spokesman,

Amazon has announced to take action against it. The group allows no reviews for consideration. A spokesman says: “There are clear rules for buyers and sellers, addressing the abuse of our Community Features. We suspend accounts temporarily and lock it, and we will take legal steps against all those who violate these rules.” Only: These wireless headphones, for example, originate from an unknown company, whose only product is the headphones. Someone should report the possible bribery, it may be that the same product from another seller who is not located in the US, is offered.

“These assessments are prone to Manipulation,” says Russell Winer, a Marketing Professor at New York University. He estimates that up to 60 percent of the reviews were wrong, or at least not objectively. The senators, Bob Menendez and Richard Blumenthal have written in the past year, a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, in which you denounce the Amazon-Choice seal of approval. “Amazon, for its customers with the name ‘Amazon’Choice’ is misleading, because the believe that it is a product of the highest quality,” writes Menendez in a Statement: “customers should ask whether Five-star reviews are real or just in return for a gift.”

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