Difficult to pass the broom without lifting and moving the dust. Laborious, too, to get rid of animal hair that litters the floor with a few strokes of the brush… Fortunately, a very simple trick will allow you to get rid of all the lint, all the hair and all the stubborn hair: and all you need to do is use a plastic bag!

Attach it to the broom brush, and use it as usual. Static electricity will not only attract dust, but also loose hair, dog and cat hair, pilling… Convenient, right? In addition, it will make it easier for you to remove the dirt from the bristles of your broom: you just have to turn your plastic bag over and throw the contents in the trash. That’s it !

If you don’t have a plastic bag handy, you can also tape strips of double-sided tape to the side of the brush. Thus, the dust does not move, and is content to adhere to the glue. You can also replace the plastic bag with pantyhose or nylon stockings, which will use their static electricity to get rid of the slightest impurity.

According to the Improve your health website, the best advice for an optimal household is to clean your broom well. To do this, soak the brush for a few minutes in a mixture of water and soap. Let it drain, and disinfect the broom handle with disinfectant.