A little news has landed in Scenes of households. Indeed, the senior couple Raymond and Huguette, embodied by Gérard Hernandez and Marion Game, welcomed Maeva, a young woman from the South of France into their home.

Comedian Laura Calu lent her features to the new roommate of the fan-favorite couple. Gérard Hernandez returned to the arrival of the young woman in the family series. “It’s a tornado that arrives in the house! Maeva is an extraordinary character, a cagole who comes from another planet. Especially since this girl has incredible ideas which he understands nothing at all”, joke he with Télé Poche.

If Laura Calu had the difficult task of replacing Justine Lepottier (who played Laure, the former roommate of the seniors), the agreement seemed to be in good shape from the first days of filming with the duo of actors. “I think this girl really has a lot of talent […] It’s refreshing”, recognizes Marion Game before being supported by her sidekick. “I really like the energy it brings. We had never known that. It’s very good for the little old people that we are. It gives us a youthful look”.

Famous with your grandchildren, Laura Calu is a web star. Revealed with her humorous parodies and videos, the 31-year-old Varoise uses her humor brilliantly on stage and on social networks. Followed by 221,000 subscribers on Instagram, she has since been married to a certain Arthur Chevalier. More recently, the comedian and actress had spoken of her “toxic” relationship with her ex-companion. “For a little over 7 years of my youth, I was under the influence of a guy, in a toxic, extremely toxic and violent relationship”, she had declared on her Instagram account and added: ” I was a little thing stuck in a shack that I didn’t want, with horrible food that made me unhappy. In short, a life that I didn’t want but that someone wanted for me.

It is only after seven years of relationship that she decides to put an end to their relationship. “After spending 7 years, 7 years not realizing that by being afraid that someone would commit suicide, it was my own life that I was committing suicide. I broke up and nothing happened . On the other hand, I spent 7 years of my irrecoverable youth even with botox injunctions. And a lot of money in therapy too”.