What is the purpose of deadlines in lock-up? In the book trade, you were introduced to dramatize the launch of a announced best-selling and the competition of the media goad. There were cases in which reviewers had to commit in writing to their compliance. In the case of Michel Houellebecq, the most prominent French author, right, a star critic, made his early start with a reading copy, the car was dropped during Transport from the printing plant from the load in his hands.

In Germany Houellebecqs new Roman “Serotonin” on 7. January, Dumont has just sent out the review copies of the Translation, with the request that it should respect the lock-up period. In France, the book comes three days earlier in the book trade. Four years ago, as a “submission” has been delivered, acknowledged terrorists of this event with the attack on “Charlie Hebdo”, the then-current edition came on the same day in the kiosks: with the writer on the Cover and a critique of the book, which was written Houellebecqs friend Bernard Maris, who was in a pool of blood killed.

Instead of as planned to go on a PR Tour, had to Houellebecq at the time. “Platform”, 2001, published, contains a few – when Overflying Afghanistan think about the Taliban, at that time hardly anyone knew who they were formulated. The novel culminates in an attack on the decadent tourists. He came a few days before the 11. September in the trade, since then, Houellebecq is a Visionary.

wrote Houellebecq a novel about the Yellow jackets?

in the Meantime, however, the reality seems to have its fiction not only overtaken, but overtaken. France longs for a novel about the yellow West. Has Houellebecq wrote it? Before Christmas, the series of reviews began. At the start of the four sides in the news magazine “L’Obs,” which speaks of a novel, “the French Depression after our break,” named after a hormone of happiness.

But, where does this leave the revolt, the country revels in weeks? The seventh novel by Houellebecq was his best, as the first finding, however, the “expansion of the combat zone” remain his most important work. Since Christmas the daily Newspapers to now: three full pages in the “Figaro,” and a large image on the title page. Also, the book Supplement between the years in “Libération” is Houellebecq dedicated. Still in the old year, the new novel is celebrated – and one of the best-seller lists before he even gets in the trade.