Hotels in Switzerland – host with a long Tradition In these ten houses, you will not only experience history. The Hotels are also for generations in the hands of the same host. Silvia Schaub (travel content)is 0 KommentareDas Hotel Bellevue Des Alpes on the Kleine Scheidegg in 5. Generation of the same family. Photos: PD

Ten Swiss Hotels, one thing in Common: The host families are for generations at work.

Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad, Schangnau, BE hospitality in 6. Generation available in the Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad.

The rustic Hotel Kemmeriboden-Bad is not to attracts not only with its famous “Merängge” the guests from near and far. There is also the hospitality that one feels in this house in particular is probably. In 1841, the Inn was operating with the Spa to the Alp Kemmeriboden of the family Gerber bought. In the meantime, the steadily enlarged the house is in the 6. Generation of Reto Invernizzi and his wife, Alexandra led. The Kemmeriboden-Bad (also Bedli or Schybebad called) is located in the heart of the Emmental valley between the foothills of the Hohgant and the Schrattenfluh-chain with the fascinating Schybegütsch.

Bellevue Parkhotel & Spa, Adelboden, BE From the beginning, in a female Hand: The Bellevue Parkhotel & Spa in Adelboden.

With its elegant, unadorned facade of the Bellevue Parkhotel & Spa in Adelboden is a little gem of classical Modernism. In 1931 in the Bauhaus style built, it was always in a female Hand. Elisabeth Richard, the first hostess, led the house after the death of her husband, with a lot of Verve and commitment. It daughter, Julia, who ran the Hotel with her husband followed, and for a year their daughter, Franziska, Richard is in 3’s now. Generation on the scepter. Over several years the home of the Basel-based architects Buchner was renovated Bründler carefully. You can feel the passion of the hotelier family, down to the smallest Detail – perhaps also because the women here have to Say.

Hotel International au Lac, Lugano-TI a Lot of history, but to date, The Blues Bar in the Hotel International au Lac in Lugano.

Belle-Époque-Flair, you can feel in the Hotel International au Lac in every step that you go through the 1906-built house in Lugano. The five-storey building at the end of Via Nassa radiates with the ornate furniture, the painted arched Windows, the interior of the salon from the 1950s, or the historic Wallpaper in the rooms still a lot of history, even if it was brought in over the years carefully to the latest version. Who wants to keep track of the changes in the Hotel, visited the in-house Museum. Today it is in the 4. Generation of Alessandra and Roberto Schmid led and is still one of the most prestigious Hotels in the city.

Hotel Ochsen & Lodge Lenzburg AG a few years Ago, to 36 rooms, The Hotel Ochsen in Lenzburg extended:.

On the edge of the old town, with stunning views of the historic castle of Lenzburg is situated the Hotel Ochsen. In 1907, in 1824, for the first time as taverns economy mentioned ox came into the family treasure man. Over the generations the house has been renovated continuously and renovated. Today, the fortunes are in the hands of Madeleine and Chris Schatzmann-Kohler, of the 4. Generation. In 2013, the house was expanded with a Lodge with 14 new hotel rooms, the Foyer, the seminar room and the garage, so now the 36 rooms are available. And since this year the Salon and the ballroom Shine in fresh glory.

Hotel Waldhaus, Sils-Maria GR The Hotel Waldhaus in Sils-Maria is just celebrating its 111 years of Existence.Photo: Gian Giovanoli

at The Waldhaus in Sils-Maria, you are immersed in every corner in the story and has the feeling that the modern times to just bounce right off to the fortress of Leisure. In the wedding hall, you can dine on chairs to 1908, in the hall you listen to under the stucco ceiling, the sounds of the forest house trio from Bratislava, and in the Entrée will pay the invoice in the cash room, where the Incoming will be listed on the Arrivé-panel by Hand. And yet, you have to do without in the 5-star hotel anywhere in comfort, and certainly not in the new Spa. The multi-award-winning hotel icon is already in the 5. Generation of the families Dietrich and Kienberger led and celebrates its 111-year anniversary.

Hotel Bellevue des Alpes, Kleine Scheidegg, BE , The Bellevue des Alpes on the Kleine Scheidegg was the first mountain hotel at this point.

The historic Hotel from 1840 is located in the best panoramic location on the Scheidegg Pass, with views of the mighty Eiger North wall. It was once the first mountain hotel in this location until 1896, the competition opened the Hotel des Alpes is next to it. Bellevue-the founder Adolf Seiler bought in 1912, the Hotel des Alpes and the Association of the two houses through a hall to the present-day appearance. The fortunes of Hotels are now in the 5. Generation of Andreas and Silvia von Almen. Thanks to its historic interior and the magnificent backdrop of the Bellevue des Alpes was already several times filming location for feature films and a visit is like a trip back in time to twenty years.

Hotel Monte Rosa, Zermatt, VS Sunny Breakfast served by the Hotel Monte Rosa in Zermatt.

the history of The Seiler Hotels begins Chalet in 1853, with a wood, the Alexander Seiler as accommodation in Zermatt leased. The young innkeeper had prospered lucky and the business. And how soon he expanded the former wooden Chalet to the “Monte Rosa” and other Hotels, as in 1867, took over the “Mont Cervin”. This was an important step for the establishment of tourism in Zermatt, the Seiler Hotels. Even today, the always renovated and expanded, the Hotel Monte is part of Pink to the lighthouses of Zermatt, and is now already in the 5. Generation of Simone Seiler and Catherine Camenzind led.

Hotel Julen, Zermatt, VS , The Julen hotel will be managed by the third and fourth Generation.

the Julen family, you will not get around in Zermatt. The Name stands for a long Hotel Tradition that began in 1910, when Andrew and Pauline a Pension Julen opened. In 1937, the son of Meinrad built the Hotel Julen, which was renovated in 1981. Later, other houses, such as the Hotel Daniela, or the Hotel Alpenhof arrived. Today, farms are Julen in the third and fourth Generation of Paul and Daniela and her son Paul-Marc and daughter-in-law, Cindy led.

Hotel Saratz, Pontresina GR From the hay barn to the Hotel: The hotel Saratz in Pontresina.PD

It was once the in the Stranger who became rich sugar-Baker, laid in the Engadine, the Foundation stone for the hotel industry. Such also Gian Saratz from Pontresina, the started rent after his return to his home room was. He took a liking to his new role as a host and expanded in 1865, his hay barn into a Guesthouse, which was soon extended to a Hotel. In the Saratz many famous guests stayed in the episode, including the composer Richard Strauss. Until today, the fortunes are in the hands of the family. With Nuot Saratz as Chairman of the Board, the 5 is now. Generation at the helm.

Hotel gletscherblick Hasliberg, BE In the Hotel gletscherblick is the Name of the program is in its fourth Generation.

in 1906, led to a daring 30-year-old Elise Hirsig, deeply impressed by the scenic beauty of the Haslital, the top of the Hasliberg, an Inn built. With the directly opposite on the other side of the valley, nearby the eternal ice of the Wetterhorn, the Name was quickly found. Over the decades, countless stories were added in addition to running water and a new building – a lot of evidence of it on the walls of the beautifully designed Hotels. Since 2019, the guests of the great-grandchildren will be welcomed Elise Hirsigs.

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