Zoff to customer deposits – hotel plan-in-chief complains about Swiss because they are required by law, prior to the shoot and the travel agencies of the Airline and thus of the Lufthansa group in millions of Swiss francs, complains of Thomas Stirnimann, In the case of the refund, but it falls short.0 comment Eder, head of the Migros travel subsidiary of the hotelplan group Thomas Stirnimann, makes in an Interview in his Anger about the airline Swiss. (Archive image)KEYSTONE/CHRISTIAN BEUTLER

the head of The Migros subsidiary Hotelplan, Thomas Stirnimann, has in an Interview his displeasure with the airline Swiss made manifest. “It is amazing what the Swiss currently allows,” he said, “the Newspapers of the CH-Media” from Monday.

The travel agents would be the Swiss, and thus the Lufthansa group, many million of customer funds s hooting forward, he explained. Due to the package travel act the travel agencies are obliged, namely, “the customer the money in the case of cancellations back pay,” explained the Manager. But the airline Swiss, nothing would be practical. “The client money has cashed and then in their systems, the refund blocked one-sided,” complained Stirnimann more.

Swift action expected

With your approach Swiss urge the entire industry to the brink, he said also. The hotel plan-in-chief welcomes it, therefore, that the Swiss has been committed to the travel agencies which have already been received, customers do not need to pay money for instead of find flights to September, provided loans from the Federal flow. “I expect the first repayment as soon as the first Tranche of the Bank’s flows of loans not only in September,” said the 57-Year-old.

on top of that, the hotel plan-the chief requested that the package travel act is to be urgently revised. The Airlines should be obliged to the customer to hedge funds. “Somehow you have always managed to evade this duty, the safeguard clients’ money,” said Stirnimann to “”CH-Media”.

in view of the Coronavirus crisis, the hotel plan-in-chief wanted to shoot moreover, no redundancies occur. With regard to the loss forecast, he said it was clear that “it will be dark in the red”.


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