“Welcome to the greatest show on earth.” It’s just after eight on Sunday morning, as the announcement echoes through the vast hall. The Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, is a matter for early risers, take its course. To 17 PM, the whole spell will be to the end. Short, but intense.

Walter Wille

editorial “technology and Motor”

F. A. Z.

Several hundred cars and motorcycles, among which there are 15,000 people through push, all in a single building. If this Hot Rod Custom Show this year to 27. Time – the greatest Show in the world. It is the most polite, most considerate, lächelndste crowd on the planet. You’re finally in Japan.

in Addition, this exhibition, the Tuner, Umbauer, and Freaks are probably the most important of its kind in the world. Creativity without limits, the quality of craftsmanship to die for, an obsession with Detail to a in. In Yokohama, the Best and most well-Known, gather All of the most popular participation free of charge at the invitation of the organizer, the company Moon.


The exhibitors have names like Kustom, killer shop, Asterisk or Hot Stuff Custom, Cosmic car, Big Bird Mama. Bring you the low-down cars, the long fork most long-fork Chopper, the plaster most elaborate chrome spoke wheels, the psychedelic most paints. Not consistently good, but consistently unique and spruced up, as the Fort depends on the existence of the universe. The American impact is strong, the enthusiasm for the Way of Life in the street-cruiser–flowering, large, Rockabilly music and Pin-up-Girl-competition included. Chevy and Harley everywhere.

stickers, posters, Souvenirs can be bought knick-knacks like crazy. There are visitors in the night in front of the hall to spend, to plunge at the Opening of the gates on the stalls of those brands, which for the Hot Rod Custom Show limited-edition special models of T-Shirts or sneakers. Snakes writhe endlessly through the Crowds of the hall, which aggravates the traffic situation. Some people to four hours. Be patient, because it is located in Japan.