Keep your distance is unnecessary, and owners fill their places with the doll, many of the Restaurants are half empty and fight for attention. And against the loneliness.red4 Kommentare4Zu third, instead of alone: Ulrike Haase sits between the dolls in their Hotel-Restaurant in the Hanover Region.Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/Keystone

for a Week the Restaurants were closed around the world. Some of them are now slowly getting back to the operation. Guests are sometimes hesitant and space is tight, because the clearance rules, a shut-off of tables required (read more: the business is run in the Restaurants attached).

Some Local have fancy means come up to the customers to attract. In the Hotel-Restaurant-Haase in the lower Saxon Laatzen is about the guests sit surrounded by mannequins. The operator, Ulrike Haase, wanted to ensure that the guests feel so alone in the empty dining room, reported the star.

Dinner in the Vintage style

the Same idea had also been in the United States. Patrick O’connell, Chef at the Three-star-restaurant “The Inn At Little Washington” in the state of Virginia wants to counteract the Emptiness with dolls.

Currently, the Restaurants in Virginia, however, are yet to be. As of Friday, the facility will be allowed initially under the open sky again. If at the end of may may also open the Local again, will O serve’connell fine Dinner in the style of 40-years. He dressed the dolls in Vintage clothing. The Restaurant is going to walk-in art installation.

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