Ypres – What is it like to as a medical doctor, first in your own practice, and to work with a hospital to go to? In the Jan Yperman Hospital in Ypres, took over recently, in the department of radiology, Wim Faes from the Factory about it. “This co-operation can be, for me, the pressure lighten up”, says the radiologist. But how common is such a deal?

Also, hospitals are businesses, so for them, too, the scale of the phone. As concluded in the Jan Yperman Hospital this summer for a contract with a radiologist to Wim, Faes, and for the acquisition of the latter’s radiologiekabinet in the Factory. “This acquisition, we are not, as often, the answer to Pieter-Jan Breyne, communications manager at Jan Yperman Hospital, when we ask that question. “We have, however, been more radiologiekabinetten out of the hoofdcampus of the hospital. However, the last addition that for many years has been,” says Breyne.

in order For the department of Radiology of the Jan Yperman Hospital is now already the fifth in a location where people can go to the medical images to be taken. In addition to the hoofdcampus at Ypres and now in the new cabinet in the Factory, there are small rooms in the Klaverstraat, in Ieper (ypres), and in the Centre. “It was a great opportunity for us as a hospital with the patient in the region of Dixmude have a better service”, he speculates.

Radiology and medical imaging is an umbrella term for a variety of different ways to create pictures of the inside of the human being, as well as through x-rays (including CT), radiofrequentiegolven (MRI), and ultrasound (including ultrasound). The doctor, Wim Faes (55) will be working in a practice in the Factory. He has been there since 1995 and is active in radiology’s cabinet.

in Addition to Faes, there are practitioners of the ” Jan Yperman Hospital, get on with it. “For me this agreement for the pressure to ease some, and the patient will be the result of collaboration with the hospital for easier access to the latest developments in radiology,” said he, with the announcement of the deal. Another advantage is, according to him, that there will be more frequent and more intense dialogue among peers will occur, the patients should be.