Hospital: 77-year-old woman died in disturbing circumstances


A simple fracture that proved fatal. At the end of last August, a 77-year-old patient joined the CHU Dijon Bourgogne as part of an operation to repair a fractured fibula.

Only, after a few days, she died in disturbing circumstances in hospital on August 31. This death was allegedly caused by an “act of negligence” on the part of the hospital center. This is what the family of the deceased denounces, who would have filed a complaint for “mistreatment”, reports La Dépêche.

According to information from the Bien Public, the hospital had insisted on the importance of fasting for the patient in view of her fibula surgery. A sign had thus been placed on the door of the woman’s room indicating that she should not be fed.

However, as the patient was not a priority, her operation would have been postponed several times and she would therefore have had to wait for several days before her operation. However, she would have remained fasting during these long days, denounces the family. Suffering from malnutrition, she would have fallen into a coma before dying.

According to France 3, the septuagenarian would have complained about her treatment by telephone to her daughter, revealing that she had still not been given food. The Dijon prosecutor’s office confirmed to our colleagues that an investigation opened on August 31 was still in progress. An autopsy was also performed in order to understand the circumstances of the death. The Dijon University Hospital did not comment on the subject.