Horoscope: the 7 key dates of 2023


Will 2023 be easier than 2022? After a financially complicated year, many French people have pinned their hopes on the new year, but are they right to do so? As Planet explained to you in a previous article, 2023 will be a year of changes, sometimes brutal, and several signs will not be spared. Here are which ones:

If you are not on this list, you can breathe a little but not too quickly, because the year will be difficult for everyone on certain levels, explains to Planet the astrologer Natacha S. “The major aspect of this year 2023 is the ascending square between Jupiter and Pluto, which will be exact on May 18, but whose phase of influence extends throughout the year 2023”, she specifies, adding: “It is about a phase of crisis that highlights what originated in the year 2020, when Jupiter and Pluto were in conjunction in the sign of Capricorn”.

The square is “an aspect of tension between two planets” and “the growing square is a” crisis of action, of decision “, an abrupt turn, a hairpin turn”, adds Natacha S. For the astrologer, certain days in particular will be to be watched in 2023, particularly in the spring and even more so in May. Several “pretty violent” configurations are expected at this time. Here are the different dates to circle in your diary for next year.