Love, wealth, luck… What does 2023 hold for you according to your astrological sign? Two days before the new year, astrologers have already looked into the question and, as always, some of us will be much luckier than others. Interviewed by Planet, astrologer Natacha S. explains that “the major aspect of the year 2023 will be the ascending square between Jupiter and Pluto, which will be exact on May 18, but whose influence extends throughout the year. “. A “crescent square” is “a crisis of action, of decision, a sharp turn, a hairpin turn,” she told Planet, adding that it is a “crucial step in the cycle of two planets which began with the conjunction”.

Jupiter and Pluto are two planets related to power and wealth. Natacha S. explains that the first “symbolizes social success and the need for external recognition”, while the second symbolizes “a more underground, sometimes extreme and radical power”. While Jupiter “amplifies what it touches, for better or for worse”, Pluto “transforms entirely what it touches, for better or worse as well”.

Result, for the astrologer, “there is a greed for power in the square between Jupiter at the beginning you Taurus square Pluto at the beginning of Aquarius”. This translates into “a paradigm shift from the values ​​of the past” with “new fields of power through innovative technologies” and a shift into science fiction with “the dematerialization of wealth, knowledge, technologies whose we don’t even have an idea today”. If the spring period will be the most “fruitful”, “the results will only be felt from the fall of 2024”, concludes Natacha S.

In this year 2023, which therefore promises to be a turning point, the astrologer has been able to observe that certain signs will be less well off than others and will face sometimes more difficult trials, especially on certain dates. Find out which ones below.