What does 2024 have in store for you? As the New Year approaches, everyone begins to plan for the year to come. Natacha S., consulting astrologer for more than thirty years, gives us clues on the trends for 2024. To discover the forecasts for your sign, consult our slideshow below.

In 2024, the energies will be totally different from the year that is ending. Indeed, “Pluto will enter Aquarius”, affirms Natacha S. This planet is characterized by particularly slow movement. It will then mark the collective unconscious and bring us new challenges. “Pluto manifests itself in the form of transformations,” she explains. It will therefore be the year of upheavals and changes in the ideals of collectives. However, Pluto also risks “emphasizing extremism”, continues the astrologer. Furthermore, it will also be the time of very profound changes at the technological level, particularly with progress in artificial intelligence.

“With Pluto in Aquarius until 2044, we will enter a new world,” adds Natacha S. However, Pluto has currently moved back into Capricorn and will only settle in Aquarius definitively in November 2024. This does not does not prevent us from foreseeing everything that could happen. “We hope for multiple inventions which will allow spectacular advances, particularly in medicine and ecology,” she continues to explain to us.

Another important information that will influence the year 2024 is the conjunction of Jupiter which represents expansion and Uranus which embodies revolution and innovation. These two planets will meet in Taurus in April 2024. This union symbolizes “openness to new conquests”, indicates Natacha S. As Taurus is represented by the universe of money and matter, it could to avoid unexpected events in the financial field. “There could, for example, be monetary destabilization,” specifies the astrologer. Furthermore, this meeting also represents a breath of renewal and a “desire to get out of our comfort zone and have concrete projects”, indicates Natacha S.

Two other planets will considerably influence our year 2024. Indeed, from the end of May, Saturn will be in Pisces and Jupiter in Gemini. This arrangement will create tension between the two planets. On the one hand, Jupiter represents “the optimist, the conqueror, cheerfulness”, indicates Natacha S. On the other hand, Saturn symbolizes “depth, truth, authenticity”, she adds. It will therefore be necessary to find a balance and build over time while maintaining a certain optimism.

The conjunction between the two planets began in January 2021 in Aquarius. However, Aquarius is also the sign of the challenge of knowing how to build a better world and be more fraternal. The year 2024 will also be the time “to make choices” for many people, indicates the astrologer. We will have to “choose what will bring us together and not what will oppose us,” she concludes. Finally, the various eclipses also mark a year of challenges on the relational level. To find out the details of the coming year for each sign, consult our slideshow below made from the forecasts of Natacha S. on her Youtube channel.