Vespa velutina nigrithorax or Asian hornet is a bit annoying insect… Appearing in France about 15 years ago, this yellow and black striped creature lives in “almost all” of the departments of France, according to Le Parisien. Mainly attacking orchards and bees, stinging a man is just as much in his abilities. Especially when he feels in danger or when a human gets a little too close to his nest.

Nest which, once completely built, can turn out to be rather imposing… Ball-shaped for the Asian hornet or pear-shaped for its European cousin, their dwelling can easily reach 1.20 meters in height. Generally built high up, 10 meters above the ground, this shelter is made of bark and soft wood.

Despite this incredible size, finding a nest is not easy. Hornets are used to nesting in nooks and crannies. Not so easy to spot them. Caution is therefore essential in summer, because these small flying insects could, to protect themselves, attack an individual or a pet that passes a little too close to their home.

To find out where their residence is hiding, Planet presents the slideshow below, according to an article by Maison

Finally, according to Le Parisien, there is no question of getting rid of the home of one of these insects on your own. It is better to call on a certified professional, equipped with appropriate protection and equipment. The destruction must be done as soon as possible: in the spring and until mid-November, otherwise hello hornets…