Challenging Times for Avocado Growers

Avocado growers are facing tough times as they hope for a better season ahead. After experiencing two unprofitable years due to bad weather impacting the quality of the fruit for export, growers are eagerly looking forward to a more promising season.

The Chief Executive of New Zealand Avocado, Brad Siebert, shared that the crop estimate for the upcoming season is around seven million trays, similar to the previous season. This season’s produce will be divided between domestic sales and exports, with a positive outlook on the quality of the fruit.

The oversupply of avocados in the previous season was exacerbated by increased production in Australia, a key market for New Zealand’s exports. To counter this, the industry has focused on diversifying its export markets, including re-entering Canada, North America, and Asia.

However, many growers have suffered financially with two consecutive seasons of no profit, making this upcoming season crucial for their livelihoods. Seeka’s Chief Executive, Michael Franks, emphasized the pressure on growers to have a successful season this year after facing challenges in the past.

Efforts have been made to streamline operations and reduce costs in the supply chain, with the aim of providing a better return to growers. While there will be an abundance of fruit available this season, consumers may expect slightly higher prices due to the avoidance of oversupply issues from the previous season.

This season will be a significant moment for avocado growers, determining their financial stability and success moving forward.


**Brad Siebert**
Brad Siebert is the Chief Executive of New Zealand Avocado, overseeing the avocado industry’s operations and development. With a background in agriculture and business management, Siebert has been instrumental in expanding the export markets for New Zealand avocados. He is dedicated to supporting growers and ensuring the industry’s sustainability for future generations.