New Modular Multitool Allows for Easy Component Swapping

The latest Zen multitool from Ant Design is revolutionizing the way we think about everyday tools. With a modular design inspired by Swiss Army knives, the Zen offers fast and simple tool swapping for ultimate customization. The basic rectangular chassis allows for easy installation and removal of tools, while the exterior grip scales come in a variety of materials for a personalized feel.

Featuring over a dozen different implement styles, the Zen allows users to mix and match tools to create their ideal multitool configuration in seconds. Each implement securely attaches to the chassis with a hook and can be easily removed with a quick wiggle and pull. The Zen comes standard with seven removable implements, a pocket clip, and a locking mechanism, with additional modular tools available for purchase.

Compact and palm-sized, the Zen is designed for one-handed opening and locks in place for safety. Ant Design is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Zen to market, with shipments expected to begin in November. With its customizable features and practical design, the Zen multitool is set to become a must-have for daily use.

Source: Ant Design