The Scenery has a little something from the Berlin airport. After all, who is approaching Macau from the Terminal of the bridge to Hong Kong, it feels like the wrong time: dozens of tracks and just as many check-in counters, a countless number of platforms, huge waiting halls and even bigger Parking lot – and while it’s buzzing in Macao, anywhere, like in an ant Hausen, there’s a yawning Emptiness.

But there is a crucial difference: While our capital city-airport is not yet opened, the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge as the longest bridge in the world, after only nine years of construction, a few weeks ago, opened to traffic. Only hardly anyone used it so far.

But the 55-Kilometer-long dragon made out of concrete and steel is also less of a logistical than a political project – and to strings according to the will of Beijing to the cities in the pearl river Delta to form a huge economic space that could soon be the hub of a new world. The Silicon Valley has, in any case, then, the government hopes, in the four-hour flight away, and Beijing, and the capacity for production of everyday goods is in the tens of millions of cities is greater than in some entire industrial Nations. You can invest close to 20 billion euros in such a prestigious project and 400 000 tons of steel to install – enough for 60 Eiffel towers.