Many weddings have had to be postponed due to health restrictions related to Covid-19. According to INSEE, 220,000 marriages were celebrated in 2021, i.e. 42% more than in 2020. Before the pandemic, 230,000 marriages between different-sex couples and 7,000 between same-sex spouses were celebrated per year. After a two-year break, they are back in force, and with them honeymoon and honeymoon. The opportunity to recharge your batteries after the ceremony, and to have time to enjoy the beginnings of married life.

According to the White Paper of the site (a study of 1,125 couples who planned their wedding in 2022), the trend is downward: 60% of French couples say they are going on honeymoon. “The latter lasts an average of 12 days, although the most common duration for a honeymoon is 10 days”, reports the specialized site. Very often for a question of budget: in fact, couples spend an average of 4,550 euros on their honeymoon, and the lower the income, the more the couple will give up going on a trip.

According to the same study, Europe comes first among the most popular destinations for French couples. Italy, at the top of the ranking, attracts 7% of them; Greece 6%; and Spain 5%. Local travel is far from shunned since France itself is the destination of 4% of couples surveyed. Distant destinations also occupy a very good place: thus, Mauritius and Reunion Island cumulate 8% between them, and the Indonesian island, Bali obtains the score of 6%. Planet gives you the most complete list possible of the most popular places for a honeymoon.