Who is here ? In recent weeks, home scams have multiplied. If the excuses for knocking on your door are many and varied, the scammers often respond to the same modus operandi.

First, they come to you pretending to be a trusted third party (policeman, professional, plumber, public official, etc.). There, the ruse can take two paths: on the one hand, the thug asks you for payment of a service in order to sneakily steal money from you.

On the other hand, it also happens that the villain seeks to distract you with the aim of stealing valuable goods and money directly from your home. Sometimes scammers take advantage of this to scout ahead of a future burglary. In our slideshow below, discover the five most common modus operandi in recent weeks.

Here are some recommendations from the Ministry of the Interior in the event of an unexpected visit to your home:

Finally, stay informed of harmful practices in progress so as not to miss any of the operating methods used by scammers.