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With caution, and a strict protocol to minimize the possible infection, the handball begins to rise, observed with a magnifying glass for being a contact sport. Today we present the BM Guadalajara 20-21, a project in expansion, with players in growth and a guide: Jose Javier Hombrados. President of the Federation of madrid and director of Sports of the SEK will defend the goal for one more year. In your t-shirt will look the 48, which is the mark of your identity card.

What gives the BM Guadalajara?

it Is a relationship that fit together many factors with which we are both comfortable. Makes it easier that I can continue enjoying my passion.

how Easy?

Physically it is the hardest part, but I’m hooked on the competition. It is difficult to explain. And is that pique typical of a changing room with young people, who see you as an example. Be a part of their education makes me enjoy also, be able to tell a kid “see here, you have a future”. We all want to have someone beside us to the east.