Louvain –

– the Flemish minister-president, Liesbeth Homans (N-VA) and several members of parliament are not talking about the slow manner in which the Security of the state to respond in the case of the city, the mosque Al Ihsaan. First, he warned of the national Security service of the radicalization of a teacher in the mosque. And then, only after the belgian minister of Justice Koen Geens (CD&V). it had struck, a note is known, from which it appeared that contact with the man, though in February it had been broken.

the Homans took the initial report, dating back to may of this year, this summer, a procedure for the recognition of the mosque in question. In the meantime, however, it is the second letter of the state Security service, came out in August, and the response of the city of Leuven have shown that they have acted on the basis of outdated information.

members of parliament are Karin Brouwers (CD&V) and Bart Somers (Open VLD) call for Homans to her ear to listen to the local authorities as well as the moskeebestuur to do. The prime minister’s office will “shortly” announce whether they have the accreditation of the university, the mosque, whether or not it will soak in. They’re complaining about, “the opinions that are bursting with contradictions”.

More about Liesbeth Homans’s SP.A lack of know-how subsidiestop of public housing in the major cities: now it all of 77.000 people Herent give any advice on the recognition, Al Ihsaan mosque and a Higher deficit to make negotiations easier: the Flemish government, by the end of september, it remains the goal of the Leuven city council against the withdrawal of recognition, the mosque Al Ihsaan