Many people go on vacation during the summer period, but few are aware of tips for reducing their electricity consumption. If this is your case, don’t panic. We have compiled a list of the four best tips for you to reduce your electricity bill and save money. Find them directly in our slideshow, available below.

And yes, certain gestures could save you money, such as remembering to empty your refrigerator so that it is empty the day you leave on vacation. This way, you can unplug it, which will reduce your electricity consumption, and therefore your bill. Also, several alternatives exist to reduce the consumption of your devices. Indeed, by switching to the airfryer for example, you can reduce your energy consumption by half because it allows you to use an oven and a microwave at the same time. Check out our other tips in our slideshow below.

French households are experiencing difficult times in view of inflation. Household electricity bills have risen sharply and saving money is one of the main concerns in 2023. As mentioned in a previous Planet article, “according to the Environment and energy (Ademe), 15% of the household electricity bill is due to the “hidden consumption” of appliances, which represents an average of 100 euros per year”. So how can this cost be reduced?

All our tips, to adopt before you go on vacation to save on your electricity bill, can be found in our slideshow below.