Who hasn’t started planning their vacation? The days go by and the summer is slowly advancing towards the holiday period that French women and men love so much. But before leaving, it is important to ask the right questions. No one should indeed forget to prepare for their long, wide and transverse departure. Certain details must be settled upstream, such as the verification of payment limits, already mentioned in our columns. That being said, other elements are just as important. Do not forget to make sure that your house will be visited, if you have pets, or to have it kept for example. Without forgetting the tips to avoid burglaries…

Another essential thing to keep in mind: some merchants will probably refuse one or the other – if not all of them! – your means of payment. They have the right, explains TF1 on its site, after one of the reports broadcast at 8 p.m. this Friday, June 24, 2022.

Technically, continue our colleagues, tourism professionals are entitled to refuse almost all means of payment. They are only required to accept cash, which includes fiat currency and notes. Beyond 1,000 euros spent, he is no longer even obliged to accept your tickets. Moreover, we can read in article R 642-3 of the penal code, night traders can refuse payment by cash for security reasons.

That being said, any professional refusing your means of payment is supposed to offer you at least one alternative.