August is coming to an end. To the great misfortune of young and old alike, it is the sign of only one thing, the start of the school year is fast approaching. However, the time is not to get depressed because many French people are still on vacation and it is healthy to enjoy it to the end.

For August workers, the approach of September could well be good news. The heat should be less sweltering, loved ones should be back, and most importantly, stores, groceries and restaurants will reopen.

Thus, life is about to resume its normal course. However, travel does not have to stop and can even be a good way to make back to school go as smoothly as possible. Indeed, what could be better than spending weekends here and there to clear your mind and feel a little longer on vacation?

In addition, leaving in September, whether for vacation or weekend, still has some advantages.

In addition, in September, it is also the train tickets which are cheaper and which can therefore allow you to leave for the weekend for less than 100 euros of transport.