A towel, sunglasses, some sunscreen and a pair of flip flops. You are ready for a beautiful day at the beach! While it is very practical to go to the sea with the bare minimum in your bag, carrying a few very practical objects with you could save you the risk of possible inconvenience caused by the sand and the sun. Talc, for example, could be a big help… Find out why in our slideshow below, along with six other everyday items to slip into your pockets before basking in the sun.

To prevent sand from getting stuck on your beach towel, take a fitted sheet with you. Spread it out on the floor and place your things (a cooler, beach bag, bucket, and bottle, for example) on the four corners of the fitted sheet to hold it in place. You now have a space where you can spread out your towel quietly, and protect your shoes and clothes. You can also install a basin full of water in front of your installation, as a footbath to rinse your feet before entering your sand-free space.

Above all, don’t forget to wash your beach towel every time you use it. Sand and sea tend to wear down your towel and make it increasingly rough. Wash it in the washing machine with liquid detergent if possible, without fabric softener so as not to compromise the absorption quality of the towel. You can add a glass of white vinegar for better washing. That’s it !