For the have a go to Christmas wishes come true, for others the normal work day on the Plan. On feast days a lot of German sports stars can only breathe. But one wants to abandon good as any: on the good food. For track Cycling Olympic champion Kristina Vogel, who is seated in June after a tragic training accident in a wheelchair, in spite of the massive incision great reason for joy. “I’m being released Friday, and then it finally goes home. I am looking forward to the family Christmas celebrations,” said 28-Year-old: “It’s a big celebration. I’ll let me.“

With your positive attitude bird of 2018, touched many people – your fighting spirit is not to decrease in 2019. “In the new year, it’s back to Berlin for the outpatient rehab in the accident hospital. Then the work is done more and more – but until then, I must feast first,” said the winner of the special prize “role models of the sport”.

Feasting on the festive program of Ironman Patrick Long. Because of its welding training units, driving the triathlete wants to do without counting on the calories. “At the time of my endurance-heavy sports, you can quiet times, two cookies, eat more,” said the freshly crowned sportsman of the year. Instead of goose leg vegetarian eats Long, then, “two, three dumplings, and more”.