For this 90-minute special, Jean-Philippe Dion receives Lise Dion, José Gaudet and Katherine Levac. If you follow the show religiously, you will have noticed that these are guests who have already spent the night at the host’s chalet. France Castel, Michel Rivard, Debbie Lynch-White, Luc Senay and Pilou will make appearances. Looking forward to the sixth season, which premieres on Sunday, January 28.

We like well-cooked foods that squeak. Those from ComediHa! are far too nice to fall into this category. Despite everything, we will take a look at the four new roast sessions devoted to Jean-Michel Anctil, Guylaine Tremblay, Guy Jodoin and Michel Charrette, who will be the subject of friendly teasing from personalities like André Robitaille, Claude Legault, Charles Lafortune and Phil Roy.

Released in theaters at the beginning of the month, this feature film written and directed by Bradley Cooper lands online. The actor plays the American composer, conductor and pianist Leonard Bernstein. Detail to mention: in addition to wearing a prosthetic nose, Bradley Cooper used the services of Quebec conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin as a consultant.

Marina Orsini continues her Christmas theme week by welcoming Ross Louangsignotha (Hà restaurant), who prepares Hainanese chicken. We also follow the visit of pastry chef Patrice Leclerc, scheduled for Friday, who will prepare a gluten-free chocolate cake served with caramel whipped cream, as well as a pan of cranberries. Enough to inspire the courageous who will receive on December 24 and 25.

France Beaudoin, accompanied by musicians led by Jean-Benoît Lasanté, receives Jean-Philippe Wauthier, Mariana Mazza, Catherine Souffront, Patrick Norman and Janette Bertrand. Think we’re talking about Live From the Universe’s holiday special? Wrong answer. It is rather the description of the 2023 Christmas edition of the host’s literary meeting, which promises to be rich in reading suggestions.

After the psychotronic autumn finale, during which the psychopath Marc Trempe (Marc Béland) kidnapped and sequestered Francis (Alexandre Bergeron), Marie-Paule (Eve Duranceau), Marie-Louise (Martine Francke), Marie-Christine (Julie Beauchemin ) and Gladys (Julie Roussel), Radio-Canada releases the first three episodes of winter. Will Fred (Maxim Gaudette) and the Valmont tactical team arrive in time to save all these beautiful people?

With his three beauties simultaneously (Marie-Josée Gauvin, Fabiola N. Aladin, Lunou Zucchini), Normand Brathwaite welcomes Salebarbes, Nathalie Simard, Mateo, soprano Elisabeth St-Gelais, Chef Oli and Krystel Mongeau (Star Académie). Notice to those interested: the evening continues at 9:30 p.m. with Y’a du monde à mass de Noël with Janette Bertrand, Pascal Morrissette, François Morency and Yaëlle Azoulay.

A little over a year after causing heated controversy with SuperNature, a one-man show (all in all disappointing) described as “transphobic” by certain groups, the British comedian returns with Armageddon, a show in which he tackles subjects like political correctness, family weddings, funerals and artificial intelligence. Let’s hope he will have found his magic touch again…

After two festive evenings, those who don’t have the energy to go and enjoy Boxing Day can choose our favorite alternative: crashing out to a succession of B Christmas films curiously shunned at the Oscars, like this comedy sentimental which tells the story of an actress dumped just before the holidays, who returns to her native town.

Make sofa sores by listening to easy-to-digest classics again. This is probably why we love the holidays so much. This year, broadcasters are spoiling us for choice when it comes to comfort films to put our brains to rest. And Dirty Dancing comes out on top. Everyone together: “We don’t leave Baby in a corner. »

Things are moving towards Arnaud Soly. In the space of a few weeks, the comedian concluded the Club Soly adventure after three seasons, launched a new variety show entitled Sous le spot (on Crave) and put his first one man show online, aptly titled Stand Up. Among the themes he explores on stage: board games, racism and… Ricardo.

Isabelle Boulay returns to her native Gaspésie for a one-hour special show. Surrounded by five musicians, the singer revisits her own repertoire (Hors-saison, I will forget, I will forget, Between Matane and Bâton Rouge) and that of others, including a wonderful cover of Osez Joséphine by Alain Bashung , to which director Éric Morin gives a treatment reminiscent of the original video clip.

Winner of the Félix for best traditional album at the last ADISQ Gala, Le Vent du Nord offers a festive evening inspired by the show he gives every year. Among his guests: storytellers Bryan Perro and Renée Robitaille, caller Érick Tarte, and the groups Galant, tu perds ton temps, De Temps Antan and Vishtèn Connexions.

For those who would like to start their New Year’s Eve TV evening a little earlier, while waiting for Bye Bye and company, the Radio-Canada news sector offers its traditional bloopers show, hosted by Nabi-Alexandre Chartier. Funny moments captured during 2023, in the studio and in the field. Hoping to find some nuggets there.

If you haven’t taken advantage of the holiday break to practice a sport, you can watch other people do it. (Must burn some calories, right?) This year, the National Hockey League is hosting its traditional outdoor game at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. The game will pit the Las Vegas Golden Knights against the local favorite, the Kraken.