Among recent releases, here are six children’s books to soak up the magic of the holidays.

Let’s face it, we’ve all asked ourselves the question: how does Santa Claus manage to go through the chimneys of homes? In this funny album, author Mac Barnett makes a series of surprising hypotheses. What if the generous character had the ability to stretch like caramel or shrink to become as tiny as a mouse? We can bet that once the last page is turned, young readers will let their imagination run wild and make their own guesses.

A must-have during the holiday season, the Nutcracker tale has inspired its share of ballets, films and books. In this large format album beautifully illustrated by Sabrina Gendron, author Roxane Turcotte tells the story of Clara and her prince through the eyes of young Joëllie. On Christmas Eve, the little girl receives a wooden soldier and the Nutcracker book. Reading it will immerse her in a magical world.

Anaïs, 17, dreams of attending with her father the special concert that Plush Romance, her favorite punk band, will give on Christmas Eve. Only problem? She doesn’t have any tickets. Fortunately, his idols organized a treasure hunt to offer the ultimate pair to a fan. From Montreal to the snowy streets of Old Quebec, we follow Anaïs and her best friend Madeline on the trail of this reward so precious in the eyes of the music-loving teenager. A novel about friendship, family, love and music to experience a New Year’s Eve like no other.

To soften the winters of the Innu, Grand Manitu decides to offer them a Christmas tree. The great spirit of good roams the forest in search of the perfect tree. He courts birch, larch and spruce before turning to a species that we know well: fir. A lovely story for the holiday season that highlights the relationship that the Innu have with nature.

Has a naughty elf taken up residence in your house for the month of December? We hope it’s not Gaétan. The new hero from the creative duo behind the popular Lucie the Farting Skunk series is awkward, clumsy and has a talent for… causing damage. Despite his faults, Santa sends him on a mission to a family. It is with great pleasure that we follow the tricks of this annoying but endearing elf.

Hot chocolate not only warms up children who have been playing in the snow for a long time. In this album by Céline Comtois, the delicious cocoa nectar also serves as fuel for Santa’s sleigh. When Thao notices that the vats are empty, he leads his elves friends on a great adventure to save the distribution of gifts. An original story with illustrations full of objects to look for.