The national holiday falls on a Thursday this year and thus offers the possibility of a long weekend for the French. With the holiday departures of the Juillettists, the traffic looks very busy from this Wednesday, July 13th. Bison Futé notably classified the day of Saturday red throughout France in the direction of departures. Ditto on Sunday but this time in the direction of returns. With the heat wave, it is better to take precautions so as not to sweat for hours in your car. Bison Futé’s forecasts can be invaluable.

In detail, Wednesday will be orange in the direction of departures and even red in Ile-de-France. In the direction of returns, traffic will be fluid. “Many traffic jams are expected to leave the major cities. Departures over the long weekend, departures on vacation and the flow of vehicles in transit are added to the usual traffic, already very difficult on the eve of a day of Traffic will also be difficult at the national level in the direction of departures from the beginning of the afternoon until the beginning of the evening”, indicates Bison Futé according to comments reported by BFMTV.

Traffic will be rather fluid on Thursday July 14 with green on almost all of France. The only exception: Ile-de-France is classified orange in the direction of departures. If you can, it’s the right day to go on a weekend or better, on vacation!

Traffic will be dense on Friday July 15 in the direction of departures. The whole of France will be classified orange and in Provence, Bison Fute even sees red. Traffic jams could form on the A6, A7 and A9 motorways.

The day of Saturday July 16 is classified red in the direction of departures and orange in the direction of returns throughout the territory. The A10 motorway towards Bordeaux, the A7 in the Rhone Valley and the A8 and A9 motorways along the Mediterranean will certainly be affected by traffic jams.

On Sunday July 17, it will be the opposite: orange in the direction of departures and red in the direction of returns. In the return direction, traffic will be very difficult throughout France with traffic jams expected on the A10 and A11 motorways in the west, A7 and A43 in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpe and in the South-East, in particular on the A9, A61 and A62 motorways.

In the direction of departures, Bison Futé advises in particular to avoid the A7 motorway between Lyon and Orange, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and between Orange and Marseille from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You can find all of Bison Futé’s advice for this weekend here.