Whether it’s the hosts or the guests, no one is immune to a misstep in full live television. All it takes is a little moment of weakness or relaxation for it to generate very… awkward sequences. On Twitter, the “Malaise TV” account lists all these big moments of discomfort seen on the small screen and shares them to the delight of Internet users.

Like this Monday, October 3 in the Slam game hosted by Cyril Féraud. Among the candidates of the day, Guillaume had to solve a riddle by guessing an eight-letter word in the second round. The definition being: “Animal that lives among us”. After a time of reflection, the candidate proposed as an answer “foreigner”. An erroneous proposal which above all aroused unease, as spotted by the Twitter account.

Faced with the stunned reaction of the host, the unfortunate candidate tries in vain to justify himself. “No, I… Uh… That’s the only word that came to mind,” before the presenter adds, hilariously. “I know who you voted for in the presidential election.”

Other personalities have shone in spite of themselves by their blunder live on television. The blunder of a member of Kids United at the Telethon, the naughty slip of the tongue by a seminarian, the wind from Alessandra Sublet to Serge Lama, the embarrassing intervention of Élodie Gossuin at Eurovision, the slippage of Gérard Holtz during the Tour de France… You will love the sequences!