High School National Invite 2024: South Eugene Secures Three-Peat, Green Canyon Claims First Title

South Eugene and Green Canyon emerged victorious at the 2024 High School National Invite, showcasing thrilling games and incredible talent on display. The event culminated in two captivating finals that kept the crowd on their toes.

In the girls division final, South Eugene secured their third consecutive title by defeating Roosevelt in a nail-biting match that ended 15-14. Led by standout players Helen Burruss, Fluffy Jones, Ollie Bunson, and Lizzy Nelson, South Eugene’s dominance was evident from the start. Their precision offense and coordinated defense strategies allowed them to outmaneuver Roosevelt and clinch the victory in a tense universe point finish.

On the boys’ side, Green Canyon clinched their first title by defeating Edina 15-12 in a hard-fought final. Displaying a blend of athleticism and strategic gameplay, Green Canyon’s Miles Phillips, Nathan De Morgan, and Blake Holt shone bright, leading their team to a well-deserved championship win.

Both South Eugene and Green Canyon demonstrated exceptional composure and skill throughout the tournament, solidifying their status as top contenders in high school ultimate. Congratulations to the champions of the 2024 High School National Invite!


*South Eugene’s Helen Burruss:*
Helen Burruss is a talented ultimate player who played a crucial role in South Eugene’s success at the 2024 High School National Invite. Known for their agility and speed, Burruss’s standout performances and consistent contributions on both offense and defense were instrumental in securing the team’s third straight title.

*Green Canyon’s Nathan De Morgan:*
Nathan De Morgan played a pivotal role in Green Canyon’s championship victory at the 2024 High School National Invite. With a strong defensive presence and strategic gameplay, De Morgan’s contributions were key in propelling his team to their first title.