the name of The game warns of a high load of fine dust on new year’s eve and calls for a relocation of fire stations from the troubled inner cities. “We want a shift in the fireworks activities out of the city centre,” said the Executive Director of the environmental assistance, Jürgen Resch. “Either on land on the outskirts of the city, where the people of fireworks firing can or, better still, a professional fireworks outside of sensitive zones in which all enjoy, and which hardly any fine dust created.”

The German Association of cities rejected the demand to stop fireworks in polluted inner cities. While it is true that the environment and the health of fireworks “to a certain extent” would be charged. “As a result, to derive, to relocate to new year’s eve fireworks on the outskirts of the city, goes me too far,” said the managing Director of the German Association of cities, Helmut Dedy, the “Handelsblatt”. A different look at a stop for fireworks for safety reasons. “Some cities prohibit the Firing of fireworks and missiles, in certain Parts of the inner cities, in order to increase the safety of the revelers people,” said Dedy to the sheet. Hannover does this, for example, for certain areas in the city centre – mainly for safety reasons. In Cologne fireworks are prohibited in and around the Cathedral. And also in Stuttgart, Bremen, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, Munich and Frankfurt am Main, Germany may not be gezündelt at selected locations of the city.

the turn of The year will be fine, according to the environmental aid by fireworks in a few hours, 5000 tons of dust is released. This corresponds to about 17 per cent annually in road traffic resulting volume of fine dust. At the same time, the environment calls for bans on new year’s eve firecrackers and black powder powered rockets, which were for the “extreme fine dust values”, but also many fires and injuries responsible. This was out of the country often practice, but only in a few German cities.

The environment plays, especially in the diesel crisis, a big role. She has obtained, with the actions before several courts driving bans for older diesel cars in large cities. However, it is especially the emissions of harmful nitrogen oxides from diesel exhaust gases.