two major operations due to fires kept rescue workers in the Main-Taunus-forces at the second Advent in a breath. In Hattersheim a fire in a 17 floors broke on Sunday from the count of high-rise building, many residents had to be brought with turntable ladders on balconies in safety. Three people suffered smoke poisoning. Barely eight kilometres away, in Flörsheim-Weilbach, there stood a warehouse in flames. No one suffered injuries, the police estimated the damage in this case to around a Million euros.

In the high-rise building in Hattersheim-Okriftel with a total of 182 inhabitants reported the fire was, according to the police in the apartment of a known to police 42-year-old man erupted in the third floor. He initially fled, was taken shortly but firmly. He was in police custody, but can still be heard. It is the urgent suspicion that he had caused the fire by negligence. The criminal investigation is determined.

amount of damages is open

The rescue of people on ladders was necessary, because the staircase could not be entered because of the strong Smoke without protective equipment. The height of the chadens was initially unknown. According to the fire Department, the residents of the third Floor and the floors above and below it at least on Sunday not more in their homes could return. The third floor was for an indefinite period of time uninhabitable.

The delete work had been completed according to the police, at about 11 PM, then the building had to be ventilated. The rescued residents were taken care of by the fire Department and employees of the regulatory office.