On a “lump of SED people” he encountered in 1990 in the people’s chamber, said the former Federal President, Joachim Gauck, as he took in the beginning of December in Wiesbaden Leuschner medal. At the time, he had to carry that all the members had gone out of free elections. The same is true today. You could by demagogues to despise, but in the Parliament they would have to remain a conversation partner. By Gauck, the brilliant speaker, his sharp verdict linked via the AfD with the exhortation to tolerance, he formulated a motto for the new term in the Hessian Parliament. He seems to be more appropriate. Because it is not only the collection of the Right, as such, is a cause for concern, but also some of the comment from the ranks of other parties.

Jan Schalauske, one of the two party leaders of the Left, announced the day after the state election that they would have to put up with the AfD, both in Parliament and on the street hard apart. You felt the Demonstration of the Alliance “is No AfD in the Landtag”. Left, the SPD and the greens marched in the Front line with to bring not only to your opinions, but also to please their own clientele. For this, they took the risk in order to strengthen the AfD. Because they gave her, as so often, the opportunity to portray themselves as victims.

Zenit reached

You must not hope that this behavior continues in the Parliament. After all, the representatives of the established parties were to Amend the rules of procedure in regard to the AfD sober and restrained. Whether the deputies of the Right occurrence so hateful, as we saw, for example, occasionally in debates of the Bundestag remains to be seen. It would be fatal, as there is in the Hessian Parliament today personalities, in their own ranks as a “rabble-rouser”.

Wolfgang Kubicki (FDP), one of the Vice-President of the Bundestag, says that the rules of procedure of the Parliament “a very moderate and structure have influence on a lot of the actions” of the AfD. According to his estimation, the party has reached its Zenith anyway”, and perhaps even exceeded”. Could this view Hessian of the data-fit. In a survey conducted in the summer of the AfD was recorded by 15 percent. To exceed this value, your declared choice was target. It missed by two points. In addition, the future decides the Right is not in Wiesbaden, but in Berlin. Significantly, it is affected by the long farewell of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.