Hessen-weather: Anticyclonic situation, thwarted snow of the year


    The year is 2018 and ends in the state of Hesse in autumn. Winter weather is cold with snow and freezing according to the forecast of the German weather service in Offenbach on the Wednesday after Christmas in sight. The temperatures fall at night, well below freezing, and in the night to Friday is to be expected with a Mature smoothness.

    the fog, clouds and sun alternate, both on Thursday and on Friday. Rainfall there are only a few. The temperatures reach up to five degrees.

    On Saturday it will be cloudy and intermittently raining. In the night of Sunday the temperatures remain above the freezing point.

    the cause for the fall to end the end of the year of grace is a so-called anti-cyclonic North-West weather as a meteorologist Lars Kirchhübel says. In the case of high-pressure air from the Atlantic to the Czech Republic and from the UK to Africa, the air in the clockwise direction, i.e., anticyclonic flows around the center of gravity, the High “Hugo” is about the southwest of Germany.