It is one of TF1’s flagship soap operas. Since its creation in 2020, Here it all begins has captivated viewers in front of their screens. According to the channel, there are up to 3 million followers (according to figures published in December 2022) at the rendezvous to follow the adventures of their favorite heroes at the Auguste Armand Institute.

Family intrigues, rivalries and love stories at the heart of the establishment, the characters continue to evolve over the episodes. However, it happens that certain actors, in the cast since the beginning, choose to leave (temporarily or not) the series. Most of them to devote themselves to new projects.

Like actor Fabian Wolfrom, historical figure of Here it all begins. Present since the first season, the interpreter of Louis Guinot, should soon leave the series. “It all starts here, it was great, I made lots of friends. I learned stuff, I unlearned stuff…”, he confided to the Allociné site. “I think that Louis will be less densely present in the coming weeks. I had a lot of fun playing this character. Now we have to look elsewhere a little too”.

For good reason, the actor was seen in the skin of Sacha Distel at the heart of the “biopic” mini-series devoted to Brigitte Bardot on France 2. An unprecedented parenthesis for the son of Catherine Marchal (in the fiction of TF1) who admits about his recurring role. “There are plenty of advantages to playing on a daily basis. But there are also some disadvantages, which are the time and energy it takes. I want to broaden my horizons in a geographical, physical and script sense”.

For the moment, no date has been announced for his last appearance on screen. Before, other actors have also made the same choice. From Francis Huster to Clément Rémiens, here is what they have become since their departure from the series. Planet tells you all below.