It’s the number one enemy of summer vacation: the mosquito! In addition to wasps, which are dangerous and tend to invite themselves to outdoor meals, mosquitoes are also real parasites on sunny days. To get rid of it, we redouble our imagination to invent various traps or grandma’s tricks. If you know how to react after being bitten, it is always better to prevent the many bites that holidaymakers may suffer.

In addition to the traps, there is another avenue to explore in the fight against the mosquito invasion: the choice of your clothes. Indeed, a study carried out this year by researchers at the University of Washington, and published in the journal Nature communication, reveals that mosquitoes are more attracted to certain colors. There would therefore be colors to avoid absolutely.

The study was conducted with three species of mosquitoes by creating tunnels with tinted spots. Mosquitoes were drawn into these tunnels and the researchers were able to study their trajectories. Quite quickly, one trend clearly stood out: mosquitoes were particularly interested in the colors orange, red and sky blue (cyan). An observation that allows you to act immediately accordingly: evacuate these colors from the summer wardrobe.

In contrast, white, purple and green did not seem to attract mosquitoes at all. A very good indicator of possible color matching to avoid being riddled with bites. Be careful, if the study seems conclusive, choosing certain colors rather than others may not constitute completely effective protection. This is another way to limit stings. The best thing is to combine this color technique with a good mosquito repellent, and why not traps placed in the garden.