At 77, the singer Herbert Léonard would be the victim of some health concerns. The interpreter of Power and Glory had announced, on his Facebook account on November 17, 2021, to have to postpone his tour following a “third vascular surgery to repair (still) the damage that cigarettes – my most faithful companion – makes me suffer”, he confided and added: “Painful surgery then 2 months to recover and I will be ready to attack life again”. In the process, the singer learned of the tragic disappearance of René Sorre, his “managing agent”.

“It is very difficult for me to accept this departure, even though I know that it is at peace, far from suffering… We have lived, worked, travelled, shared so much time, places, work and hobbies, laughter, disagreements, complicity, together”, he wrote on his Facebook page on November 27, 2021 and added: “Next year, when the concerts resume, I will have a lot of difficulties not to be with him, to rely on him for almost everything”.

Already in June 2017, the French artist had been hospitalized following a pulmonary embolism. Placed in a coma for 32 days, Herbert Léonard was finally released from intensive care. “I don’t remember anything about that day on June 16, except that I was tired, I had a lot of coughing. I thought it was my chronic bronchitis. And then late in the evening, when I was going to watch a documentary, I couldn’t breathe. I was suffocating. I passed out … and I woke up thirty-two days later, “he told our colleagues from Parisian.

According to our colleagues from France Dimanche, the artist suffers from an arterial problem “suggesting that he could no longer walk”, says the magazine. Terrible news for the singer who was probably going back on stage at the beginning of June.