In May 2022, the series The Replacement made its big comeback on TF1. In this fiction, Nicolas Valeyre, a gruff French teacher with atypical methods, both feared by his colleagues and respected by his students, will face new challenges. If he gives the impression of being a brute without feeling, the teacher actually cares deeply for the well-being of his students and is ready to do anything to help them.

The two new episodes will look at the important subject of school bullying by showing the particularly serious proportions it can take, especially when it spreads on the web and affects the private lives of high school students.

The main role is played by JoeyStarr, the famous rapper and actor, accompanied by the sublime Helena Noguerra who lends her features to the character of Isabelle.

The Belgian is well known to the general public and has many talents. She is, indeed, both singer, actress, model and novelist. This jack of all trades has thus shown itself in many areas where his talent has always been recognized at its fair value.

Jean-Paul Gaultier, Franck Sorbier, Helena Noguerra paraded for big names in fashion when she was a model. For good reason, the actress is also known for her great beauty.

Discover in our slideshow his sublime physical evolution.