It is the 45th since 1947. In recent years, France has faced repeated heat waves. The latest, explains Le Monde on its site, began on Tuesday July 12 and is particularly brutal. Intense and lasting, it is even responsible for dramatic fires in the south of the country. In Gironde, some 15,000 hectares have already gone up in smoke, continue our colleagues. This is enough to worry meteorological organizations, such as Météo France, which places 15 departments on heat wave red vigilance this Monday, July 18. The rest of the localities in mainland France are all facing orange vigilance or yellow vigilance… With the exception of southern Corsica.

It is clear, therefore, that the road to vacation may be difficult to walk. In such temperatures, traveling by car can feel like going through the oven. In order not to cook in the passenger compartment, it is sometimes necessary to show ingenuity. Find, in the slideshow at the end of this article, some tips that can help you endure the journey.

Whatever happens, however, it is important not to leave anyone (especially a child) alone in the car. The latter would be at risk of heat stroke and could therefore be the victim of severe dehydration. In some cases, children are even found dead after being forgotten for five minutes, as Le Parisien recalls on its site. Be extremely vigilant.

The same goes for our furry and four-legged friends. Don’t leave a dog or cat in a car.