“The End of Abundance”. It is with this sentence that the President of the Republic announced, on August 24, 2022, the content of the months to come. In nearly two months, this sentence now takes on its full meaning. Electricity, gas, fuels, all these energies could run out in the near future.

The government has called for energy sobriety and the French have therefore started efforts to reduce their consumption and hope to spend a winter without power cuts. Heating at 19°C in the living rooms and 17°C in the bedrooms, use of certain appliances such as the washing machine outside the usual hours… The methods promoted by the government are diverse.

Other everyday tips have also been adopted by many people. Closing the shutters at night when it is cold, letting in the sunlight to take advantage of the heat or even closing the doors of the rooms in the house are now habits for many.

However, with rising energy prices and the specter of power cuts still hovering over France, some French people are looking to increase their efforts to further reduce their electricity and gas consumption.

And with winter approaching, radiators are likely to consume even more energy. Fortunately, there are some inexpensive items that can keep the heat in and prevent the cold from entering the fireplace or effectively reduce its energy consumption.

Here are 6 practical objects that will reduce your energy consumption.