The mercury will soar this weekend. Météo France warns of the scorching temperatures which await most departments between Friday and Saturday; locally, they could approach 42°C. An exceptional heat wave for mid-June, which makes us fear the worst for this summer… And which could well ruin your weekend.

Indeed, it is difficult to enjoy the sun, play sports, see friends and walk around in such temperatures, which are very trying for the human body.

Even indoors, the situation can quickly become suffocating and difficult to bear if you do not have a state-of-the-art ventilation system.

Your only fan has just let you go? Don’t have shutters at home? You refuse to invest in an air column? Do not panic, thanks to these 8 completely free tips, the heat wave should not bother you more than that. Discover in our slideshow how to support it without spending a single penny.

In hot weather, the major risk is dehydration, informs us Medisite. Many French people do not drink enough water on a daily basis, even more when it is very hot.

The heat can also cause what is called a “heat stroke”, the symptoms of which are as follows:

To protect yourself from the sometimes dramatic consequences of the heat wave, it is important, recalls Public Health France, to adopt the following reflexes: