A new heat wave is sweeping through France and many French people are already dreading nightmarish nights. Because, of course, not everyone has air conditioning at home. The fan can be a valuable ally… Provided you know our very practical tips to boost its efficiency. You can, for example, build a homemade air conditioner by placing ice-cold water bottles behind the fan. The air captured by the latter will therefore be cooler than ever! Before turning on your device, you can also place a damp cloth in front of it, such as a sheet. The fabric will allow air to pass through, cooler thanks to the humidity.

Be careful though: these tricks have their limits. When putting everything away, check that the water from the melted ice cubes or the damp sheet has not flowed onto the electric wire or onto the fan. Also remember that the function of the fan is not to lower the temperature of your interior, only to renew the air. You can therefore place it in front of a door or a window so that the air that comes out is more easily renewed.

If you don’t have an air conditioner or fan, summer heat waves may be a concern for you. In our slideshow below, discover 5 easy tips to put in place to refresh the house when you don’t have specific equipment. Whether you have an air conditioner at home or not, always make sure you are well hydrated, especially when it’s hot, and continue to eat normally.