Heat stroke: what are the least affected places?


After the storms that will have covered France this week and the softening of temperatures, the heat should return as of August 22, 2022. their duration: we will not speak of a heat wave or a heat wave in our country. “, informs the site of the Weather Channel. Asked by Franceinfo, the meteorologist Nicolas Le Friant indicates that “we cannot compare what will happen to what we experienced in June or even in July. There is no heat wave in sight by the end of the month, no alert has been issued. A relief, while many departments are still on drought alert.

The peak of the last week of August should be reached on Wednesday August 24, with temperatures reaching 31°C in Toulouse and 30°C in Perpignan. Across France, it is the northern region that will be the least affected by this heat stroke, with 27°C expected in Lille and Amiens, according to the seven-day forecast from Météo France. Temperatures will stagnate until Thursday evening when thunderstorms should break out, and the high temperatures should shift to the northeast, according to Météovilles. “After the thunderstorms, our national thermal indicator shows a moderate drop in temperatures, which would then reach seasonal averages. However, the cooling would be relative and temporary, as a new rise is envisaged for the beginning of September. “, continues the Weather Channel.

If the departments of Nord and Pas-de-Calais seem relatively spared from the next heat stroke, they are however affected by the limitations around the use of water. According to Météovilles, “on August 20, 78 departments affected by orders limiting the use of water are currently in a state of crisis”. This is the case, for example, around Lille.