It is from this Thursday, April 27 that temperatures in mainland France will rise. Indeed, unlike this beginning of the week which will experience very cool weather, the heat wave which is already affecting Spain and Morocco will reach France from Thursday. However, it is very likely that thunderstorms will spoil the party fairly quickly.

The varying weather for this week will also be the same for the following one. The French will therefore have experienced a month of April 2023 filled with twists and turns. Between bad weather, clearings, heat waves, and stormy rains, the month of April was very disrupted and had a constantly changing weather.

A contrast in temperatures will be known not only from Thursday, but also depending on the parts of the country. Indeed, while the northern half will be almost entirely under a wave of autumn freshness, the south-west of France will be confronted with heat strokes. For example, it will be 11°C in Lille and 24°C in Biarritz according to Météo France.

Indeed, the entire Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal, and North Africa) has reached and will continue to reach monthly records with temperature peaks over 39°C in Andalusia, and a more global temperature between 25°C and 30°C. This heat wave will go as far as French territory. Indeed, the southern regions will see, Thursday and Friday, have temperatures between 25 ° C and 28 ° C. In contrast, the rest of France will experience temperatures ranging from 17°C to 23°C. Unfortunately for the French, this heat will only be very quick, because thunderstorms can be heard at the very end of the week, according to the Weather Channel.

Find in our slideshow the departments where it will be the hottest this week: