(Los Angeles) Miami is only one victory away from the Eastern Conference Finals, after winning (109-101) at home against New York, thanks to the combined efforts of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, Monday in the playoffs NBA playoffs.

The Knicks are out of wild cards. They will first have to win the next meeting at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, then the next two to hope to reverse a compromised situation. In the history of the league, this scenario is rare but not impossible, since there are thirteen precedents where a team trailing 3-1 finally won 4-3, the most resounding feat having been that of Cleveland , crowned champion of the kind in 2016 at the expense of Golden State.

They were still generous in the effort, like Jalen Brunson, who finished top scorer (32 pts) and passer (11) of the match, but most often ran behind the score, the Heat counting until 11 points ahead shortly before halftime.

As a good leader, Jimmy Butler set an example on both sides of the field (27 pts, 9/17 on shots, 10 assists, 6 rbds, 2 blocks, 2 interceptions), without betraying pain in his right ankle, a victim of a twist a week ago.

Bam Adebayo, not always at the party offensively in this series, was in the game this time (23 pts, 13 rebounds). Kyle Lowry (15 pts) also contributed off the bench, the substitutes bringing 32 pawns in total.

Those of the Knicks were on the contrary discreet (10 pts), Evan Fournier and Derrick Rose not being offered any minute of play by Tom Thibodeau, despite their experience and their ability to shoot.

At Brunson’s relay, RJ Barrett (24 pts) and Julius Randle (20 pts, 9 rebounds) certainly did not deserve, but the limits of the Knicks in attack appeared once again glaring.