But in less than two days, as long as the birth-pangs of the American Jasmine Caver time before her daughter came into the world. Fortunately, she had support from her friend, Kendall, who is also an original way to her mind. He brought with him a self-written love story, about their relationship, which is a wonderful way of describing how much he loves her.

The story, which was just a few weeks ago, as a video on Facebook’s soaked though to the thousands of people, a lot of emotions. Throughout the film, telling Kendall about the time that they are together, ten years ago, met for the first time, but also about the difficult times in their relationship. So, is the fact that plenty of natural light, a miscarriage was.

was Lucky, their love story have a beautiful ending. “You’re going to be an amazing mom, I love you so”, left: Kendall on the leaves. A loving kiss was just as a-year-old daughter, Sofia, which is finally healthy for the world.

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